Picture Hanging Systems – A Hanging System For Everyone!

Hanging photos and images on the empty walls of an office, a residential house, or any workspace brightens up the entire place. To ensure that your artworks and photographs stand straight without damaging the walls, picture-hanging systems UK can be used.

A traditional picture hanging system includes a picture rail from which cords or wires flow down. Photos and artworks are hung to these cables using hooks. These photo hanging systems are extensively used in galleries where many artworks are displayed regularly.

How to hang a picture on the wall
There are numerous things you must keep in mind before you hang images using a picture hanging system. Read some of them below.

Space and the Purpose of Hanging Images
The first step in hanging pictures on walls is deciding where you want to present them, why, and what vibe you wish to create. Once you have fixed your location, analyse factors like how much space is available? How many images can be hung on the chosen wall? Do you want your art to be the focus in the given space or not? Answering these questions will help you in clearly understanding and designing the overall layout of the photo hangings.

Define the Composition
Now that you know where you wish to display the pictures, you can start working on the composition. Your composition will be based on the space, the purpose, and the artworks you have. No matter what layout you choose, it is important to remember that your images should always be at eye level. The golden rule that most art galleries and exhibitors swear by is keeping the centre of the image at 57 inches. However, when working with furniture items like beds and couches, people generally hang photos 6-12 inches above the furniture. Another thing you have to determine in this step is whether you want a collage-like composition, in straight lines (vertically or horizontally) or any other manner. Whatever composition you decide on, the overall display should look aesthetically and visually appealing.

Get the Picture Hanging System
There are a variety of picture hanging systems available in the market. Depending on your requirements, you can select the most appropriate one. Mostly, picture hanging systems include picture rail, hooks, and wires. The rails and cords also come in a wide range of styles. If you want to create an industrial look, you can choose rails made of aluminium and steel. If you want a more neutral tone, white paintable rails are also available.

When using a picture hanging system, all you have to do is install the picture rail on the ceiling or the wall. Next, hook the cords into the picture rail. Then hang the picture to the hook on the cords and adjust the height of the frame.

Advantages of Picture Hanging Systems
Using picture hanging systems will remove the need to drill ugly holes in the walls.
Picture hanging systems are suitable for any wall type.
You can experiment with the image compositions infinite times.
The photo hanging systems are easy to install and are more flexible and versatile.
The use of photo hanging systems is not limited to art galleries alone. There are several options for all kinds of places such as homes and offices.
The picture hanging system helps in keeping the images straight and gives a more finished look.
How to Pick the Perfect Art for Your Gallery Wall
Use a common colour element. For instance, while displaying multiple photos, either go for black and white images or all coloured images. When displaying artworks, if you want to create a neutral aesthetic effect that matches the overall ambience, use artworks with a similar colour palette.
Use a common photo frame. When you display multiple images on a single wall, it is better to use the same photo frame for all or of similar types. Some standard colour options are black, white, and the colour of the room accessories.
Tell a story through your display. Hang photos, prints, and artworks that speak to you and communicate your persona to those who see them.
Feel free to mix it up and experiment. Gallery walls with mixed media are very eye-catching.
Picture hanging systems can help you get your dream wall in a hassle-free manner. Remember these few tips and tricks and display your artwork in the best possible way! Hope you’ve now understood how to use photo hanging systems UK.